Watch your baby blossom….

Baby massage and Baby yoga classes situated in and around Norwich.
Learn how to interact, communicate and bond with your baby through positive nurturing touch and yoga movements

About Blossom Baby

Hi, I’m Kelly and I am a qualified infant Massage instructor with the International association of massage instructors (IAIM) and a Birthlight qualified baby yoga instructor with a diploma in Baby yoga. I am also a qualified pregnancy and post-natal yoga instructor and run the sister company to Blossom Baby –

Blossom Bumps Norwich.

My husband and myself relocated from London to Norwich with our 2 children Maxi and Daisy in 2015 and then we had big surprise of baby number 3 & our beautiful daughter Poppy was born in 2016.  Our children are now 4,3 and 1. Never a dull moment! My interest and enthusiasm for infant massage and baby yoga stems from when my middle daughter Daisy suffered with horrendous colic. She really suffered with it and a friend recommended baby Massage and yoga. I was stunned by how effective it was and how much we both enjoyed it.It was amazing seeing first-hand the positive benefits of massage and yoga & how much Daisy loved it. Even now, as they are growing up all 3 of my children still enjoy massage time and the fun of yoga.

I really hope the mums and dads who attend my classes enjoy themselves and experience huge benefits for themselves and their babies. I love watching groups get to know each other during the course and seeing mums bond so closely with their baby. It fantastic to hear the amazing stories of how their baby has experienced such positive benefits such as improved sleep, colic relief and less crying. I trained with the IAIM and Birthlight after quitting my career in events and never looked back. I love working with babies and new parents. I hold full insurance and have a full CRB check. I look forward to meeting you and your baby at the class.



Baby massage courses are now available

Baby massage is designed using movements from Indian and Swedish massage, yoga and reflexology. Studies have shown it can help your baby feel more relaxed, improved sleep, and offer relief from health problems such as wind, colic and constipation. Baby massage also:

  • Improves digestion
  • Helps reduce the pain of teething
  • Unblocks nasal congestion during a cold
  • Improves blood flow and circulation, therefore removing toxins from the body
  • Helps with the alignment of the body
  • Helps with flexibility
  • Helps with the development of fine and gross motor skills
  • Promotes the balance of hormones and release of endorphins
  • promotes bonding and attachment between parent and baby at early stages
  • enhances baby feeling of being love, respected and secure with their parents
  • enhances early communication between parent and baby
  • helps to build the immune system
  • encourages parents to better understand and respond to their baby guess and states of behaviour

The list continues. It is an incredibly rewarding experience for you and your baby and a wonderful way to increase the development and bond between you.

Baby yoga courses are now available

Baby yoga is a loving and playful practice that encourages bonding between parents and baby, creating positive feelings and interaction. Baby yoga supports your baby’s individual development. The list of benefits for baby yoga is endless but some of the main benefits are:

  • Improved digestion and relief for colic
  • Strengthening the physical body and alignment of the body
  • Stimulates all senses
  • Promotes the balance of hormones and release of endorphins
  • Help to Soothe baby and improve sleep patterns
  • Helping baby to move from reflex to voluntary movements
  • Increases baby’s ability to cope with future challenges
  • Optimises physical and emotional development
  • exercise designed to help with neural (brain) development-aiding crawling and co-ordination
  • enhanced interaction and social skills with other babies
  • helps to improve your baby’s  emotional and intellectual development by promoting confidence, enabling curiosity and encouraging self control
  • stimulates all area’s of baby’s sense

It promotes post natal recovery, building strength and stabaility, strengthens floor muscles and tones abdominal muscles, relieves stress, anxiety and encourages deep relaxation. It also helps mum regain and maintain a healthy posture.




Gift Vouchers Available

Blossom baby offers gift vouchers for group courses or for private courses. They are a great gift for a baby shower or when baby arrives. Gift vouchers are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase and the recipient can book onto the course of their choice.To buy a gift voucher please contact us

Private Classes

Private classes are available on request. These classes can take place at your home or at other agreed venue at a date/time to suit

Blossom Baby Massage - 5 week course

Wednesday 13th 20th 27th July 3rd 10th August
Times 10:00 am—11:30 am
Location: The Georgian Town house, Norwich, Norfolk, NR2 2RB, (View Map)
5 weeks course £60


Blossom Baby Massage

Tuesday 19th 26th July 2nd 9th 16th August
Times 10:00 am—11:30 am
Location: The Georgian Town house, Norwich, Norfolk, NR2 2RB, (View Map)
5 week course £60


Blossom Baby Massage - 5 week course

Wednesday 17th 24th 31st August 7th 14th September
Times 10:00 am—11:30 am
Location: The Georgian Town house, Norwich, Norfolk, NR2 2RB, (View Map)
5 weeks £60


Blossom Baby Massage

Tuesday 23rd 30th August 6th 13th 27th September
Times 10:00 am—11:30 am
Location: The Georgian Town house, Norwich, Norfolk, NR2 2RB, (View Map)
5 week course £60


What baby massage offers

A baby massage course is taught over 5 weeks and is suitable from birth to one year of age. Each week, you’ll learn how to massage new part of your baby’s body. Then you’ll have the rest of the week to practice. The following week you will learn about a new part of the body, slowly building up until we can practice a full body massage by the end of the course. By the end of the course, you will be performing a full body massage on your baby. As well as baby massage strokes and movements, we’ll teach you how to read your baby’s behavior and anticipate their moods. We’ll look at the way they sleep, wake and feed to work out when would be the best time for you to practice massage or play. You may find this information useful to create routines and sleeping patterns as your baby gets older. You will be supplied with a bottle cold pressed organic sun flower oil.


What baby yoga offers

A baby yoga course is taught over 6 weeks and is suitable from birth to one year. Classes focus on baby yoga movements for strengthening and development. There is a balance of stretching and relaxing sequences. Songs and rhymes are coordinated with some movements. Gentle movements for mums with breathing practice, stretches, postnatal strengthening and relaxation. Each class finishes with a joint relaxation for parent and baby-pure bliss!

***All classes are baby lead as we know how unpredictable babies can be. So please feel welcome to feed, change and tend to baby needs in class. Incase your baby decides to nap, feed or have a cry a demonstration doll is available for you to use to practice massage stroke/yoga moves and all strokes/moves are repeated each week- so you and baby won’t miss out. All mats and refreshments are provided so just bring baby and yourself.



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